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Gearbox comes off

Gearbox comes off

Tub Reassembly

Following painting, I’ve been able to start putting things together again and first up was the rear tub. 

The tub below is actually from a later Series 3 model and had holes in all the wrong places, so these were patched and filled. 
The main difference is in the rear lighting position as the 3 tub has lights mounted in top and bottom position rather than together as shown here.
The galv cappings are held on with domed head rivets, set the traditional way with a snap and look ace! The floor has been replaced with a sheet of chequerplate, but this has been painted to de-bling it somewhat – hope it dosn’t offend anyone too much!
I’ve actually only done one side as I ran out of rivets, so that’s next on the list!

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