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Bulkhead needing repair

Bulkhead needing repair

Comments Now On!

I’m sure I will regret this, but I have now switched on comments!

If you don’t like Land Rovers don’t waste time telling me – go here instead and find something you do like!

2 comments to Comments Now On!

  • arderra

    Just found your site. Looks like you are doing a great job. One question – I have just bought my first land rover (series 2a). I didn’t get any owner manuals. Can you tell me if there are any grease nipples/points that need regular greasing i.e. steering “ball” in the front axle? I will keep an eye on your site as I will, eventually, be restoring mine. Look forward to seeing the completed machine. Thanks, Eoin

  • James

    Hi Eoin – your best bet is to grab a copy of the Haynes Series Landrover manual from eBay – you should be able to pick one up for about fiver! That will get you started. If you want to progress look for a copy of the service manual – refered to as “the Green Bible” It’s Land Rover’s own service manual and goes into much better depth than the Haynes one.
    To answer you original question, here are the common places to oil:
    Engine – normal engine oil -duh!
    Swivel balls – with “one shot grease”
    Differentials – EP90 gear oil
    Gearbox – EP90 again
    Transfer box – EP90 again
    Stearing box – not sure what to use here as I havn’t done it before!!

    Have a look at for loads of info from other series 2 owners! If you like it, you shoudl join as the tech info you can get there is well worth it!!

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