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Major Website Update

When I started this Blog, I was using Google Blogger and publishing to my own webspace.
Google being Google, they moved the goalposts and I soon found that my blog could no longer be hosted on my own domain!

That was about two years ago and I’m afraid that the blog has been unmaintained ever since, but I knew that I’d come back to sort it out some day!

The blog is now hosted as a sub-site of my main evilJames website and has had a bit of a make over to boot.
Here are some of the new features:

  • WordPress Blog Engine
  • Better Gallery integration with the main Blog
  • More prominent search box so you can find individual posts by keyword
  • All images in the Gallery are now searchable by keyword
  • The most popular pages have their own links (Seatbelts & Wipers)
  • Links to my other sites
  • Links to other Land Rover sites

Now that I’m up and running in WordPress, I hope to post more often and add more photos; – So I hope you all notice the difference!

Enjoying the breeze!

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