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Northern Ireland Trip – May 2011

In May 2011 we set off on the Landy’s first real road trip from our home in Crewe to my parents in Portrush, Northern Ireland.

The route would via the Birkinhead/Belfast ferry with about 20 miles on the English side and 60 miles on the Irish side.

We were packed up and set off with some spare time in case of any unexpected occurances, which is just as well as about 15 miles from home the fan belt broke!

I didn’t notice it at first, but then Susan spotted that the red charge light was on and we saw the temperature creeping up.

As I had opted to spend a bit of money on a re-manufactured ACR engine, I didn’t fancy warping the head on my first big trip, so the recovery number was called and we got a flat bed truck to the ferry with minutes to spare! By this stage the engine had cooled down again, so I had no worries about the short drive on to the ferry.

Once on the ferry a few phone calls were made and a spare belt sourced for delivery at Belfast port where I fitted it within 15 minutes then carried on toward Portrush.
Top speed was about 60mph, fuel was about 18mpg, much better than I expected!

The main highlight of the trip was green laning on our farm land, the Land Rover really was at home on the soft ground!

Enjoying on the farmGreen LaningHarland & Wolff's cranes in the backgroundOn the way home on the Belfast to Birkenhead ferryThe Land Rover arrivesThe Land Rover in her natural environment


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