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Fitting earth straps

Fitting earth straps


So – booked the Land Rover in for it’s MOT test for Friday 27th November in a small garage recommended by the guys at Land Ranger Services in Middlewitch.

The drive from my house to the garage would be about fourteen miles, so it gave a good chance to get a feel for the drive of the newly restored Land Rover.
Over the drive, I noticed a couple of things that might need a bit of attention. once warmed up it seems to run a bit fast and when switched off the engine tends to run on a bit, this is symptomatic of pre-ignition and indicates that a bit more tuning of the timing and fuel air mix may be required.
Other than these minor issues, I got to the garage and dropped the Land Rover off about 9.30am.
They told me there was a couple of other cars in for a test before mine, so I went for a walk about town to wait.
11am, still no phone call, so I called back with them only to find out that the garage’s power supply had failed and they had an electrician in trying to get the lights back on in the workshop!
Anyway – it turns out that they were unable to MOT her as expected, but I am assured that she will be done first thing on Monday morning. As for now my Land Rover is spending it’s first couple of nights away from home since I got it – hope the neighbours don’t think I’ve sold it!
So watch this space!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Tania

    Hopefully there arent any major issues & she'll be home very soon :) Although I'm sure that lady we encounterd had rather you sold it! ;) If you need a hand with ignitition tuning, just say the word & we'll come over ;) xxxx Tania

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