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Tub in primer

Tub in primer

Pre MOT Round UP

It’s been over a month since I’ve updated this blog, so I had better provide a round up of what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks.

After fitting the seat belts, next on the agenda was a tidy up of the electrical wiring using some p-clips.

The steering linkage, box and wheel have all been added and set up using the measurements from the Series 2 Club as a guide. (see here for the info!)
I had a bit of bother setting the steering correctly and at first ended up with different amounts of turns lock to lock, left to right. This turned out to be due to the steering drop arm not being on the correct splines of the steering box, so this was corrected.

Next was the final pipework required to make the brakes and clutch work, with these in place the two systems were bled and tested.

At this stage the vehicle effectively became drivable and I was able to give it a quick test around the block and back again.

From here most of my time has been concerned with small scale items including fitting the floor, adding the drivers wing and mudguard , setting the clutch up correctly, adding mirrors, bonnet catch, fitting the new seats and catches, a small repair to the seatbox and a myriad of other small tasks.

It’s all been worth it though, as it’s now ready for it’s MOT test.

Here are some before and after pictures……

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