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Windy gun on the wheel nuts

Windy gun on the wheel nuts

Canvas & Interior Progress

Despite all the weekends away, there has been some progression over the last few weeks.

Most importantly, the hood sticks and canvas tilt has been fitted so the land rover no longer requires a tarpaulin. If you’ve never done this before see here for a how to!

The seat box is bolted in, the sills are fitted and the lower seat belt brackets are all firmly attached.

On the windscreen, I’ve mounted the two restored Lucas wiper motors, and given them a functional test in the rain!

Most recently ,in the few hours between getting home from work and darkness, I’ve been fitting the guide rails for the front row of seats.
I’ve got an adjustable driver’s seat but the runners were never able to clear the bolts that held the seat to the seatbox. This meant that the adjustable seat was permanently in the furthest back position.
When refitting I’ve used rounded head torx screws so that the runners can slide freely over the tops, meaning the seat can be moved right forward if required. Obviously this is good news for Susan!

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