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Seat box, fitting seat runners

Seat box, fitting seat runners

Dash Panel Wiring

I finished the main panel wiring tonight, as you can see from the pictures I’ve got a Series IIA speedo rather than an original Series II one – this is the one that it had when I bought it and I saw no reason to change it back.

When I got the landy the warning lights in the speedo were not connected to anything but now I have re-wired it, I’ve used these lights and freed up the existing lamp holes for other uses.
The two green lights will be used for indicator tell tales, the original yellow diesel heater light will be used as a fog light tell tale and the original position for the charge light has been reamed out to a larger diameter to accommodate an auxiliary power outlet.
The original 30Amp ammeter quadrant has been replaced with a temperature gauge with a new 52mm Smiths style 60Amp ammeter added to the left of the main dash, the heavy gauge cables for this are visible in front of the heater hoses. Also on the left hand side is a 52mm voltmeter.
On the right hand side, I’ve fitted a mechanical vacuum gauge and mechanical oil pressure gauge.
As the auxiliary dash panels are open to the back, I’ve fitted a 2 Amp fuse for the panel lights circuit just in case anything gets in behind and causes a short.

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