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Series Bulkhead Reference Image

Chassis Underseal

In preparation for reassembly, I treated the chassis to a good thick coat of black under body sealant. I’ve used Dinitrol 4941, a German anti corrosion product that has found favour in the offshore oil and gas drilling industry. It comes in a 1 litre can which you should heat in boiling water for 15 minutes or so to thin it out a bit, then it can be sprayed using a schultz gun and compressor at a pressure of about 6 bar.
The stuff is thick, black and waxy and has been specially formulated not to run or drip, so I could coat the surfaces of the chassis without lots of drips falling onto the driveway. It dries in about an hour and any overspray, for example onto the swivels, can be removed with a cloth coated in white spirit.
The day after I sprayed the chassis, there was very heavy rain, this pooled onto the chassis and ran straight off thanks to the new under seal coating.
Dinitrol 1 – Weather Nil

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