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Ex military brake drums

Ex military brake drums

Front Panel

Another small task completed today was the assembly of the front panel, radiator, electric fan and wiring for the headlights.
I’ve opted to put the fan in front of the radiator as I felt it was neater than having it intrude into the engine bay. Also I think it will make access to the engine a little less cluttered.
The fan came with a body mounting kit as well as the direct though the radiator nylon tie kits. I went for the easy option and used the nylon ties direct through the matrix.
At the same time I fitted the new plastic headlight bowls (the old ones had rusted so badly that beam adjustment was impossible) and the front part of the wiring loom. That means that I should be able to just drop the whole unit in place once the engine is on.

Shown below, the panel is upside down as it’s more stable to work with that way!

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