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Accelerator linkage

Accelerator linkage


I’ve had a busy June with holidays, family visits and even a wedding, so there’s not been quite as much progress to report on, but I have done a bit…..
When first released the Series 2 base model had brake/rear lights only. Whilst most have now been fitted with indicators, I wanted to fit some additional lighting for extra safety, so I’ll be adding both a fog light and a reverse light.
The units I’ve used are cheap Series 3 / Defender lights, and both take a normal 21Watt lamp similar to the indicator lamp.
Rather than running the extra wires on their own, I decided to run the cables with the existing Autosparks loom.
I was able to obtain the correct(ish) colours for the cables (green & black for reverse, red & orange for the fog light), so the modified loom will still be easy to understand.
I found the best way to do this was to stretch the loom out on the table, raised about four inches, so that I could spiral wrap cloth tape to secure it all up nicely.

Shown below is the final rear lighting layout and the method of loom alteration.

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