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Bulkhead needing repair

Bulkhead needing repair

Seat Belts

My Land Rover was built in 1959 before it became mandatory to have front seat belts fitted. Although it’s perfectly legal in the UK for it to remain without seatbelts, personally I wanted to fit them to protect me and my passenger in the event of a collision and more importantly prevent dents to my [...]

Canvas & Interior Progress

Despite all the weekends away, there has been some progression over the last few weeks.

Most importantly, the hood sticks and canvas tilt has been fitted so the land rover no longer requires a tarpaulin. If you’ve never done this before see here for a how to!

The seat box is bolted in, the sills [...]

Holidays & Time Off!

It’s been about four weeks since there’s been much done as every weekend there’s been something on…. August 21st saw Susan and I host our annual Bier Garten party, with the workshop recommissioned as a bar. August 28th we had a weekend holiday in Munich. September 5th was the Northern Ireland Airshow And finally this [...]

My Big Back End!

I finally got round to moving the rear tub onto the chassis today, with the help of some lifing skills provided by Gregor Hogarth.There are a few fit issues and the tub seems to be about 1cm shorter than it should be, but I’ll work out how to accommodate this with a few shims or [...]

We Have Lift Off!

With the help of Susan’s Aussie cousin Chris, we got the engine fired up for the first time tonight!

Engine, Gearbox, Bulkhead & Radiator Fitted!

Having completed the bulkhead wiring, assembly of the actual vehicle could begin.First on was the engine, I was able to do this on my own using the engine crane and a load leveller.Next to go one was the gearbox, this was much more of a challenge as it was an awkward lift and hard to [...]

Dash Panel Wiring

I finished the main panel wiring tonight, as you can see from the pictures I’ve got a Series IIA speedo rather than an original Series II one – this is the one that it had when I bought it and I saw no reason to change it back. When I got the landy the warning [...]

Rubber Door Seals

Fitted the bulkhead rubber door seals tonight. As the door pillars were replaced I had to drill new holes for riveting the seals into place.I’ve used the OEM seals as commissioned by The Land Rover Orphanage, these have been produced in a small batch using the original tooling from Land Rover.


Chassis Underseal

In preparation for reassembly, I treated the chassis to a good thick coat of black under body sealant. I’ve used Dinitrol 4941, a German anti corrosion product that has found favour in the offshore oil and gas drilling industry. It comes in a 1 litre can which you should heat in boiling water for 15 [...]

Throttle Linkage Complete

Finally my throttle linkage seems to be complete. I received a Zenith bell crank from PA Blanchard this morning, had it painted and fitted in the afternoon. I had some trouble following the parts diagram as it appears to show the two linkage rods in the incorrect positions. Basically there is a short rod and [...]