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Mid Winter Update

Here’s a round up of the late December, early January works that have been done.


The back of the garden has been fenced off by our neighbor Trevor, following the move of his concrete garage 12 feet down the path!


Heat! These make a big difference to working conditions!


The ceiling joists needed some attention as they were all at different heights. In addition I added a new one to take the plasterboard roof that is going in soon.


Susan has been busy adding insulation for the rafter part of the roof.


The rear wall needed quite a few minor mortar repairs to solid up some of the high level bricks. In addition the gaps between next door have been bricked up for better fire resistance.


The downstairs bathroom has had a new toilet drain fitted in the correct area for the room design and the old rising water main has been removed. The black coating is a paint on DPC.


In the ultility room, you can see the new water main ducted in to the house in 20mm MDPE pipe.


The old rising main in the kitchen (still live) has been excavated out and will get cut off when teh new supply is active.




Outside, all the drainage and water mains trenches have been inspected and are now filled in.


The water supply pipe, waiting for United Utilities to connect it up to the cast iron main at the other side of the street.

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