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Pipes going no-where in the utility room

Pipes going no-where in the utility room

December Drains Update

Winter sucks, it’s dark early and it’s cold, so as you might imagine progress has slowed down as well.

The main December progress has been drain repairs – the old drains had collapsed in places and were blocked in other places, so we have had to repair them and replace the damaged sections with new drains.

The basic layout has not really changed, same number of gullies and foul connections, but all flowing as they should and all at the correct gradients to ensure trouble free drainage for years to come.


New gully at the rear of the house.


New drain fitted at rear.


Manhole for drains (the top pipe is a temporary roof drainpipe)


New main drain line


Toilets manhole


New drains meet the original clay drains.

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