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September Progress

Although website updates have become less frequent, work has still been progressing.

All the demolition and debris removal work has been completed and the whole house has had a bit of a clean-up ready for building work to commence.

With the exception of the hall and small bedroom all the ceilings have been removed and the timbers cleaned up for plaster boarding.

The rickety stud wall separating the upstairs bathroom and front bedroom has been removed and will be moved slightly to line up with the window frame when rebuilt.

The bathroom and bedroom have had all the damaged floorboards removed and replaced, plus the small bedroom at the back has had half of its floor replaced, with the rest to be fitted soon.

Downstairs, the shower room and utility area have had all their existing timbers cleaned up and all the walls have been scraped down to remove the remaining lumps of plaster that would get in the way when boarding.

All the remaining old plumbing has been removed and scrapped in where appropriate. All of the downstairs central heating radiators had weeping pin holes where they had corroded over the years, we can only assume that no inhibitor had been used in the heating system.

The upstairs radiators were in a slightly better state, but woefully underrated for the style of house, so will be replaced as a matter of course.

We purchased a second hand cloakroom set on eBay for six quid, this was fitted to provide toilet facilities for the tradesmen that we will be using, but the cistern had a hairline crack, so we replaced it with a cheap plastic cistern from Wickes instead.

All the old non reusable wood has been burned and another skip filled.



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