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Kitchen cupboards

Kitchen cupboards

Progress 14th-29th August

We’ve got a bit lax in updating the website, but don’t worry, there’s been plenty of work going on.

The collapsed drain to the side of the house has been dug out and replacement pipe, ‘P’ trap and gully fitted with a neat concrete patch to tie it in. It’s worth noting thata direct replacement of a broken drain doesn’t need to go through building control !

The remains of a tree root that was growing two feet into the shower room has been dug out – luckily it grew threw an existing hole in the bricks, so didn’t damage the walls, but it did make a bit of a mess of the water supply pipe which it had wrapped it’s self around!

The shower room floor has also been stripped back of all loose screed, ready for repair.

Upstairs, the master bedroom has been stripped of the old lath & lime plaster walls and has had the lath ceiling dropped as well; a very messy job!

The flashing around the chimney has all been repaired and the old TV aerials have been removed for the scrapyard.

The garden has had a good spray of weed killer, so should start to die back – we’ll keep it free of all vegetation over winter, then lay a new lawn sometime in the spring.

We’ve seen two electricians, three builders and a plasterer for quotes as well!

And we bough a second hand cement mixer for a bargain price of £100 from a bloke at work! Now it’s been cleaned up, I reckon I can sell it when I’m done for about £250!

Here’s some photos of the progress:


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