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Progress 14th-29th August

We’ve got a bit lax in updating the website, but don’t worry, there’s been plenty of work going on.

The collapsed drain to the side of the house has been dug out and replacement pipe, ‘P’ trap and gully fitted with a neat concrete patch to tie it in. It’s worth noting thata direct replacement [...]

Progress 13/08/2012


Measured first floor. Produced Sketch up floor plans. Documented electrical requirements for re-wire. Drew first floor wiring plan.

Master Bedroom:

More plaster removed from walls. Old painter’s message found!

Progress 14/08/2012


Disconnected exterior lights – these were causing the electrics to trip. Stripped old cables to reclaim copper.

Update 12/08/2012


Removed remaining ceiling plasterboard, plaster & lath. Looks like two joists need replacement due to woodworm.


Built a platform to allow ladder access to top of hall wall and removed loose plaster down to brickwork. Removed high level plaster from stud walls.

Master Bedroom:

Plaster removed from stud walls.


Removed more debris [...]

Progress 11/08/2012

No house work done today due to work commitments.

Progress 10/08/2012

Master Bedroom:

Removed old hot press cupboard. Removed remaining skirting boards and door surrounds. Removed loose wall paper from bedrooms.


Measured up to produce plans. Met with an electrician to obtain a re-wire quote. Burned all wood and paper in garden.

Progress 09/08/2012


The rubble pile was moved from the living room to the skip.

Progress 08/08/2012


Went to Richard Potter Timber to buy some C16 to make the joist bridges out of. No other work done on the house tonight.

Progress 07/08/2012


A big old skip was delivered today whilst Susan and I were at work. As I was servicing the Land Rover, it was up to Susan to wheelbarrow all the garden waste and rubble that we’ve been piling up into the skip. We’ll continue with the plaster rubble tomorrow! [...]

Progress 06/08/2012


Replaced missing brick below main chimney support girder.

Living Room:

Relaid loose bricks at stairs.


Measured kitchen & utility room then created model in Sketchup for plans.