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Progress 31/07/2012

Utility Area:

Old boiler removed and broken for scrap. Copper pipes removed for scrap.


Plasterboard removed to expose loose lime plaster.

Progress 30/07/2012


Hard standing cleared of soil and ash. Many bricks dug out of the grass area. Stillage area for waste soil created.

Shower Room:

Remaining plaster removed.

Progress 29/07/2012


Plaster stripped from walls. Ceiling removed. Stud wall removed. Lighting removed.


Radiator removed.

Shower Room:

Sink removed. Plaster removed from three walls. Radiator removed. Plumbing removed. Ceiling removed.


Progress 28/07/2012


More jungle cleared, outside perimeter of house is now vegetation free. All spare roof tiles sorted and cleaned.


Large bits of rubble, bricks and concrete removed to the dump in the Land Rover. Living Room: Radial sockets removed from ring main.

Progress 26/07/2012 – 27/07/2012

No house work done as we had friends visiting!

Progress 25/07/2012

Living Room:

Gas fire and gas plumbing removed. Brick fireplace removed. Under-stairs cupboard partially stripped.

Progress 23-24/07/2012


Petrol brush cutter hired, broke down the first night due to last customer mis-fuelling with diesel. Replacement sourced next day.

Front Garden:

Hedge trimmed. Grass cut. Estate agent’s sign removed.

Rear Garden:

Rubble removed. Weeds trimmed back. Paths uncovered.

Living Room:

Rubble moved to allow more plaster stripping.

Progress 22-07-2012

Not too much done today, a load of masonry transported to the dump, then a nice afternoon off visiting our friends for a BBQ!

The Land Rover is starting to earn it’s keep!

Progress 21-07-2012

Living Room:

Removed faux wood ceiling beams. Removed alcove lighting. Removed main fan/light, replacing with a standard rose. Removed half of the ceiling lath & lime paster finish.

Shower Room:

Removed shower enclosure and stud wall. Removed more tiles.


Sorted out wood into a bonfire pile. Dumped large plasterboard rubbish in the tip. [...]

Progress 20-07-2012

Living Room:

Removed radiator. Removed plasterboard from front wall. Removed plaster from chimney breast.

Shower Room:

Removed some tiles & skirting boards. Dug down at incoming water main to investigate a leak.


Scrap wood reused to line the load area of the Landy. Lots of damp evident in the rear of the house. Big spiders encountered. [...]