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Work has continued at a slow pace, but here are a few snaps to bring you up to speed.


Upstairs boarded out.


Plastered nicely


Mist coat of emulsion to seal

Reason for no posts for [...]

Weekend Works


Ceiling is up, except one board – There is a small leak in the roof that needs fixed first!

Plaster removed from chimney breast.

Core drilled for the bathroom fan.



Core drilled for the kitchen extractor, plus lots of repairs to loose bricks on the internal wall.

Some re-pointing with the spare mortar.

Master Bedroom Ceiling


As the original rafter beams are all different heights, I’ve added a suspended metal frame to support the ceiling.

The eaves get boarded out first.


Using a board lifter rather than Susan here!

And there you have it – The first board in place.

Mid Winter Update

Here’s a round up of the late December, early January works that have been done.

The back of the garden has been fenced off by our neighbor Trevor, following the move of his concrete garage 12 feet down the path!

Heat! These make a big difference to working conditions!

The ceiling joists needed some attention as they were all at different heights. In addition I [...]

December Drains Update

Winter sucks, it’s dark early and it’s cold, so as you might imagine progress has slowed down as well.

The main December progress has been drain repairs – the old drains had collapsed in places and were blocked in other places, so we have had to repair them and replace the damaged sections with new [...]

October Progress

Concrete broken up to allow for new drains and inspection chamber. Spalled bricked removed and replaced, DPC fitted.

Brickwork at the back of the house pointed in, minor repairs to spalled bricks done and DPC fitted at repaired areas.

Concrete and brick garage foundation removed and pit filled [...]

September Progress

Although website updates have become less frequent, work has still been progressing.

All the demolition and debris removal work has been completed and the whole house has had a bit of a clean-up ready for building work to commence.

With the exception of the hall and small bedroom all the ceilings have been removed and [...]

Progress 14th-29th August

We’ve got a bit lax in updating the website, but don’t worry, there’s been plenty of work going on.

The collapsed drain to the side of the house has been dug out and replacement pipe, ‘P’ trap and gully fitted with a neat concrete patch to tie it in. It’s worth noting thata direct replacement [...]

Progress 13/08/2012


Measured first floor. Produced Sketch up floor plans. Documented electrical requirements for re-wire. Drew first floor wiring plan.

Master Bedroom:

More plaster removed from walls. Old painter’s message found!

Progress 14/08/2012


Disconnected exterior lights – these were causing the electrics to trip. Stripped old cables to reclaim copper.